"NATIVE BODY ART" Art Basel, Wynwood, Miami,USA 2014

"Native Body Art" is inspired on the body art designs from aboriginal tribes from around the world and aims with the intention of sharing and keeping alive the essence of this ancestral art ritual.


This black & White pictures were created at Wynwood for Art Basel 2014 and was Inspired by the Selk'nam Tribe from South America also known as the Ona, lived in the Patagonian region of southern Chile and Argentina including the Tierra del Fuego islands. They were one of the last aboriginal groups in South America to be reached by Westerners, in the late 19th century. They were also highly concerned with their personal presentation. They relished any opportunity to paint their bodies and faces. These pictures are from the making off . 

Special Thanks to: 

Veronica Lizana, Zura Lagarde, Marisa Gallardo, Daniel Velazquez, John B. Cassidy, Carmita Lasso, Santiago Betancur Z, Raul Herrera. Yoga Models : Jason Pablo Lawner, Joey Golinski, Deon Mandelstam, Renato Silva and  Darbee Hagerty

"NATIVE BODY ART" Basel Standard, Miami, usa 2010


"Native Body Art" at the Standard included 14 Yoga Teachers for an Art Basel live event at The Standard Miami in 2010 and the designs are inspired on different tribes around the world. This a was a five hour performance were Fio painted with Live music by Jesus Hidalgo, and the talent of Veronica Lizana on Hair Decoration, Marisa Gallardo as Yoga teacher, Antonio Bonsorte photographer , Daniel Velazquez film production and Erick Guru Lieux photographer. 

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