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Art by Fio Biography


Fiorella Podestá, (Fio) was born in Santiago de Chile, demonstrated her artistic talent from an early age started  to draw at age of 7th  and to paint with oils in her 20th. Fiorella's creative potential gave her a scholarship at the Fine Arts University of Chile and after some years of studies, she decides to continue painting as a self-taught .

At age of 23  she makes his first individual exhibition "Parallel Worlds" in the Cousiño Palace (National Monument of Chile), in which Fio sold all her work and decided to build and live a cabin in the north of her Native Country at the "Elqui Valley"  on the mountains (Cordillera de los Andes, Chile) after 7 years she travels throughout South America for 6 months by land and had the opportunity to experience and live close to the Indigenous peoples from the Altiplano. Since then her paintings will be very influenced by these years of research and experiences in direct contact with nature and native peoples.

In 2003 Fiorella continue her journey and arrives in Miami, USA . This is where she started to paint big scale murals. During the following 16 years Fio exhibit and paint mostly in Wynwood the Art district in Miami . Participates in important international urban art festivals such as "The Bushwick Collective" and "Meeting of Style" (MOS) consecutively for Art Basel in Miami and at the same time is invited to exhibit her work in public art events organized by the "Art Museum of Light" Sponsored by the Government of Chile in Santiago, here  Podestá presented "Canto al agua" one of her paintings that was projected on the Mapocho River in a circumference of 30 meters along with 13 other renowned artists , illuminating 1 kilometre of the river, in a pioneer show.

In 2018 it arrives in Spain and goes to Aranda de Duero, were she is selected by the City Hall and Council of Woman to create a mural to promote equals rights and prevention of gender violence against woman. In it, Fiorella not only pays tribute to his roots, but also shows how a woman is and can be whatever she wants, wherever she may be, regardless of her culture, studies or beliefs. She is a woman full of color and life, who looks forward to the future, carrying in her mind her past and dreams, which shape her .


Bio by Lorena Bodas, 2018