Fiorella Podesta "Fio"

I'm a Chilean/American Artist based in FL, USA.

I started painting with oils when I was 15 years old and created my canvas with that medium for 25 years. I got a scholarship in fine arts at age of 20 and studie for a few years but decided to continue as a self-thought artist and started to show and sell my artwork in Santiago, Chile, my home town.

I switched into acrylics in 2003 when I came to live to Miami, USA with my beloved Son & Daughter. Here, I continued exhibiting and selling my artwork but also working as a Yoga Instructor (after completed my teacher training) and as a Singer Song Writer, playing my guitar (I started practicing when I was 7 years old). In 2010 after getting to know and learning from the Art and Yoga community in Miami, I choose to work and focus only on my paintings.

I created my first Art Basel mural back in 2005 at “Cornerstone” a small but powerful Art Gallery/open mic space, that a group of Artist friends and I, opened back then in Wynwood. So, from here, I kept moving and showing my artwork in other Art Galleries, Shows and Events like the “Miami City Hall Art Convention”, ”The Coconut Art festival“ and “Moksha Art Gallery” were I had the honor to exhibit my artwork along with ”Alex Gray” and so many other talented Artist from USA, for the following years.

In 2014 I incorporate Spray Paint into my practice and I was eventually officially Invited to paint my first Large-Scale Mural in 2015 for an International Street Art Basel Festival in Wynwood. From that point I continued to paint big murals, for the next 4 years there, Invited by “The Bushwick Collective”, ”Mana Art Gallery“ and ”Meeting of Styles“ among others. I was very lucky to witness and be part of the beginnings of the Art Basel and Art District in Miami, I meet, share and learn from so many amazingly talented artists, from around the globe. 

In 2018 I move to live to Palm Beach and also I started traveling more to paint my murals in other Cities/Countries like Spain, Canada, Brazil, and Chile. (For more details click here CV).

Since I was a child, I dreamed with finding a magic pencil to use it to turn my drawing into real living things, I think that’s s why I’m always looking to learn new ways of doing...what I do. For this reason and for the past 3 years, I have also been practicing Digital Art, to animate my paintings,(kind of making them alive), so I came up with a collection of NFT‘s that I created with the images of my paintings and Digital Art. You are welcome to take a look or collect them here:

I'm Currently working on a series of paintings, acrylic on canvas called "Otherworldly Landscapes" and setting up my little studio to share my work in progress live on my Youtube Chanel. You can subscribe here

For inquirers please contact me here or instagram

Thanks for visiting! I hope to see you around! Thanks for visiting and long live art!!

~fio 2022