Fiorella Podesta "Fio" CV



2013 "Volition" 8 Encaustic Paints on Wood at Azake Art Gallery, Miami, USA

2012 "Native Body Art" 5 Oils on canvas and 20 Photographs at Green Monkey Studio, Miami, USA

2010 "Native Body" Art Art Basel Festival 7 Oils on canvas, 7 photographs and live body painting 10 models at the Standar Hotel, Miami USA

2009 "Lotus" 15 Oils on canvas at Yoga Grove Studio Coconut Grove, USA

2008 "Lotus" 12 Oils on canvas at I Love Yoga Studio, Miami, USA

2006 "Blue and yellow" 8 Oils on canvas at Cornerstone Art Gallery. Wynwood Design District, Miami, USA

2005 "Art Yoga II" 10 Oils on canvas at Yoga Grove Studio, Coconut Grove, USA

2005 "Art Yoga I" 8 Oils on canvas at Energy Studio, South Beach, Miami, USA

2004 "Masks and faces" 6 Oils on canvas at Energy Studio, South Beach, Miami, USA

2000 "Zen" 15 oils on canvas at IV Region, Elqui Valley, CHILE.

2000 "Undulating valley" 9 Oils on canvas at Datiles of Valley of Elqui, Chile.

1994 "Parallels Worlds I" 10 Oils on canvas at concert by Chilean pianist Roberto Bravo at the Cousiño Palace Macul Santiago, Chile



2019 "La reina art show” 3 acrylics on canvas  Santiago, Chile

2019 "Conapran non profit Private Group Exhibition” 4 acrylics on canvas  Santiago, Chile. 

2018 “Teavana event Art Basel” 5 Acrylic on canvas at The sacred Space in Wynwood Miami, USA

2018 "Caleidoscopio" 1 Acrylic on Canvas, collective 20 Chilean artists at Las Condes, Design District, Santiago, Chile

2015 "Women Art" 2 Acrylics on canvas, collective 5 artists from Miami at Diana Contreras (DiDi) Art Studio in Little Havana, Miami, USA.

2015 "Canto al Agua" Public Art Installation Painting image projected on the surface of the water on a 30 ft diameter on the Mapocho River in Santiago Chile.  Public art intervention, collective of 14 artists  Place: Light Museum, Mapocho River, Santiago de Chile. (

2014 "Creations 23" 3 Acrylics on canvas, collective 6 artists from Miami at Area 23 Studio, Wynwood, Art District, Miami, USA

2013 "The 3 Graces" 2 Encaustic paintings on wood, collective 5 artists of different Nationalities at Espitia Art Gallery, Wynwood, Art District, Miami, USA

2012 "Longings" Art Basel Festival 1 Acrylic on canvas, collective 4 artists from Miami at Butter Art Gallery, Wynwood, Art District, Miami, USA

2010 "Visionary" Art Basel Festival 3 Oils on canvas, collective 15 artists together with Alex Gray & Martina Hoffman ( ) at Moksha Art Collective Gallery, Little Haiti Miami USA

2009 "11:11 Collective" 3 Oils on canvas, collective 7 artists, diverse Nationalities Location: Campus Unity in St. Petersburg, USA

2009 "Femmes" Art Basel Festival 5 Oils on canvas, collective 20 artists, diverse Nationalities Place: Mimo Art Gallery, Miami, USA

2008 "Among Colors" Coconut Grove Art Festival 10 Oils on canvas 100 artists, different nationalities at Coconut Grove, Miami, USA

2007 "Visionary Art Collective" 2 Oils on canvas, 25 artists together with Alex Gray and Martina Hoffman at Moksha Arts Collective, Little Haiti, Miami, USA

2007 "Vision of the 21st Century" 5th Event Municipality of Miami 3 Oils on canvas, collective 5 Miami artists at Green Room, Miami Beach art center, Miami, USA

2007 "Miami Art benefit" Art Basel Festival 2 Oils on canvas, collective 20 artists, different nationalities at The Yard Art Gallery, Miami, USA

2006 "Culture evolution" 1 Acrylic on canvas, collective 10 artists, together with Alex Gray at Moksha Art Collective, Miami, USA

2005 "Renew energy" Gifford Art Festival 8 Oils on canvas, festival 50 artists, various nationalities at Gifford Art Stroll Festival, Coconut Grove, Miami. USES

2005 "Going into" Festival Art Basel 3 Oils on canvas and mural on interior wall of gallery, collective 5 artists of Miami. at Cornerstone art gallery Wynwood art district Miami, USA

2003 "The Trip" 6 Oils on wood, 30 South American artists. at International Art Fair in Sucre, BOLIVIA.

2001 "Art for all" Fondart Regional IV region Art exhibition, collective touring 5 artists director, co-creator and collaborator. Cities: Vicuña central square, Elqui Valley, Pisco Elqui Square, Plaza de Coquimbo Municipality of Coquimbo, La Serena, Vicuña and Pisco Elqui, IV, Chile.

1997 "First Impulse" 7 Oils on canvas and collective live painting 25 artists at Art festival in central plaza and exhibition in Hall of Barnechea Municipality, Santiago, Chile


2021 "Seed of Life Mandala" 15 ft x 20 Ft Mural on Thrive Yoga Studio at dance school in Coral Gables Miami USA

2020 "Pelo al Viento"  6 ft. x 9 ft.  Mural on Wellington Mall West Palm Beach USA 

2020 "Highest colors" Big Scale Mural on a 12 story building on Downtown Miami, USA

2019 "Burst your Bubble" Wall in Wynwood, Miami for Art Basel Week 2019 Miami, USA

2018 "Blue wind” 15 ft. x 17 ft. Bushwick collective Montreal, Quebec,  Canada 

2018 "Bloom” 10 ft. x 16 ft. Meeting of Style , Art Basel mural festival, Wynwood, Miami, USA   

2018 "I’m my dreams” 39 ft. x 29 ft. Selected Artist by the City Hall in Spain, Aranda de Duero, Art contest to promote equal opportunities and non violence against women. Place: Aranda de Duero, Burgos,  Spain

2018 "Nahia’s Music” 6 ft. x 9 ft.  Sonorama Music Festival Place: Aranda de Duero, Burgos, Spain

2018 "The Italian" 13 ft. x 16 ft. Place: Barrio Italia, Santiago, Chile

2018 "Protective Gecko"   6 ft.x  11 ft. Place: La Florida, Santiago, Chile

2018 "Levita con Luz" 8 ft. x  19 ft. Place: Pisco, Elqui Valley, Chile

2018 "Diaguita Neon 6 ft x 9 ft. Place: Pisco, Elqui Valley, Chile

2017 "The Doll of the neighborhood" Art Basel Festival 26 ft. x  22 ft. Place: Bushwick Collective and Basel House Art Gallery, Wynwood Art District, Miami, USA 

2017 "Levitating" Art Basel Festival 10 ft. x 13 ft. Place: Wynwood Art District, Miami, USA

2017 "Meditate with B-Boys" Festival Meeting of Styles 22 ft. x 26 ft  Place: Meeting of Styles Mural Art Festival , Wynwood Art District, Miami, USA

2017 "Mapu-French Girl" 26 ft x 16 ftPlace: Epicerie Art Cafe, Wynwood, Design District, Miami, USA

2016 "The Lost Flower" Art Basel Festival 26 ft x 32 ft Place: Mana Art Gallery, Wynwood, Design District, Miami, USA

2016 "Rest in the seed" 7 ft  x 32 ft Place: Bird road Art District, Coral Gables, USA

2015 "Shamans in cement" The good Wall Project 7 ft x 7 ft Place: The Good Wall, Little Havana, Miami, USA (

2002 "Mandala clay" 10 ft. x 16 ft. Place: Monte Grande, Elqui Valley, Chile

1993 "Rhythmic Moon" Interior ceiling 16 ft x 13 ft Place: La Casa en El Aire, Santiago Chile